Guided Motorcycle Tours


Southern India Hotel

Hotel Accommodation on our motorcycle tours.

Our tours offer excellent value for money.  The tours are aimed at the keen motorcyclist and as such it is the roads, scenery and riding experience which is the most important part of the tour.  If you want a great riding experience then come with us.  If you are after exclusive 5 star, spa and wellness hotels then we are probably not the tour company for you.  This is also reflected in our pricing.  Having said that, we are extremely proud of our hotel accommodation.  When you have been on the road all day there is nothing better than having a dip in a nice pool, a cool beer in a pleasant bar or just enjoying the natural ambience sitting out on your balcony.  Whether you are on one of our short European Tours (Normandy, Black Forest) or one of our long adventure tours (Morocco, Southern India, Himalaya, Nepal) we consider our hotel accommodation to be good and often excellent.  We have a great relationship with our hoteliers and this makes your holiday more enjoyable and hassle free.  Many of the hotels are family run and as such your experience really does matter to them.  We do not use ‘Etap’ or ‘’Formule1’ hotels -  yes, they are cheap but they are all exactly the same wherever you go in Europe  - characterless (in our opinion).

Many of our hotels are at least equivalent to a three/four star British Hotel.  The majority of the hotels that we use have secure bike parking (this is a top priority) and it does mean that sometimes we have to use hotels which are not centrally located in towns/cities.  The hotels are very biker friendly, some are self-contained whilst others are located in interesting (sometimes) lively towns.  As such you are not restricted to only eating hotel meals but can experiment with different restaurants and cuisine.

European motorcycle tour accommodation

Himalaya, Nepal Adventure Tour Accommodation 

In India and Nepal the hotel accommodation does vary from very good in the main cities such as Delhi, Manali, Kathmandu to smaller, rustic homesteads and Bed and Breakfasts.  We also do glamping in some locations which is an absolutely not to be missed experience. 

It is of course nice to stay in the large 4 star hotels that we use in Delhi and Kathmandu but the best customer experience is always in the smaller, family run accommodation.  We have been dealing with the same hoteliers for many years now and consider the people who own and work in these hotels and B&Bs to be our friends.  The service and support we get from these establishments is amazing, they will always go the extra mile to make sure our customers have an unforgettable experience.

Evening Meals on our European Tours

On our European tours we do not offer holidays with inclusive evening meals.  There are very good reasons for this :

  • Set menus offered by hotels are sometimes very good but they can also be mediocre.  We want you to experience great, good quality, good value regional meals.  These can usually be found at local restaurants (where all the locals eat) rather than hotels.
  • Set hotel meals seldom cater for vegetarians or for people with food allergies etc
  • Sometimes we like to eat a good, cheap lunch time meal as opposed to having a large meal at evening time.
  • We prefer to explore the towns and villages we are in rather than stay in the hotel of an evening.  Its all part of the adventure!  This will sometimes involve a short taxi, bus or even tram ride!!
  • Our prices reflect the fact that evening meals are not included.

 Nepal hotel accommodation

Evening Meals on our Adventure Tours (Southern India, Himalaya, Nepal, Morocco).

On our tours to Southern India and the Himalaya all evening meals are included in the price.  It is just easier and more cost effective for us to sort your evening meals out.  Usually we will eat in the hotels where they will lay on delicious buffets - meat, fish, vegetarian dishes are all available.  In Nepal and Morocco a number of hotels provide an evening meal as part of their room rate - we pass this on to you free of charge.