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We are very proud of our adventure motorcycle tours:  Tours for 2024 and 2025 include:

Our worldwide tours are unique motorcycle adventure tours.  Importantly, we do not sub-contract the running of these tours to third parties or partner operations in other countries.  The tours and routes have been designed by us and have been tweaked and continously improved over the years.  The hotels that we use are all chosen and vetted by ourselves.  We provide UK based, English speaking, highly experienced guides and medical support who have full operational control of a local support team (mechanics and drivers).

In this way, we can ensure the quality of the tour and make sure it meets our very high standards.

Jalori Pass Himalaya Motorcycle Tour

Himalayan Motorcycle Tour  


Ride some of the toughest roads on the planet to the remote Spiti Valley of the Indian Himalaya.  Climb to over 15,000ft on your trusty Royal Enfield - a bike that you will fall in love with (hard to believe but true).  The Rhotang Pass (Road of Corpses), the Jalori pass (one of the steepest roads in Himalaya), Kunzum La (15,060ft).  Visit the Indian/Pakistan border at Wagah, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Dharamsala (residence of the Dalai Lama), ride the narrow gauge Himalayan Queen train from Shimla.  These are just a few of the highlights.

Southern India Motorcycle Tour

Southern India "Bikes, Beaches and Mountains" Motorcycle Tour

This tour will be on our 2022 and 2023 winter schedules. Explore the back waters of Kerala, the mountains of the Western Ghats up to a height of 8,000ft, ride through dense rain forests and Unesco World Heritage sites such as Mudumalai and Periyar Tiger Reserves. 

Nepal Motorcycle Tour

For many, Nepal is paradise on earth – one of the last Shangri-La's.  A land full of contrasts; from the highest mountains in the world to the steamy jungles of the Indian plains, monasteries and temples, tigers and rhinoceros, Sherpas and Gurkhas, magic and mystery.  

This tour takes place at the end of October, beginning of November – this is the ideal time to visit Nepal with warm daytime temperatures, clear skies and great weather for motorcycling.  You will get to explore the temples and squares of the Kathmandu valley; visit the elephant sanctuary and canoe through Chitwan National Park, hoping to see a Rhinoceros or even the elusive Bengal Tiger; visit the birthplace of Buddha at Lumbini; go white water rafting at the Borderlands Resort.


 Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Imagine riding your bike from the UK to the African continent.  We will pick up the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao/Santander and then head across central Spain before a short fast ferry to Tangiers.  We will explore the mighty Atlas and Rif mountains before heading into the Northern Sahara desert.  Stay in a traditional Bedouin camp, ride a camel or a Quad bike in the sand dunes.  Explore the beautiful cities of Fez and Marrakech.  The scenery is stunning, the local people are very welcoming, the food is amazing and the best thing is you are doing all this on your own bike.





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