Guided Motorcycle Tours

Terms and Conditions

1) Deposit and Payment

For all our UK & European trips a £100/£120 deposit or Full Payment will secure a place on a trip. We will issue you with a booking confirmation.  We will send you an invoice for the  outstanding balance. To retain your space on the tour this invoice needs to be paid in full no later than twelve weeks prior to departure.
If you are making a booking for a departure which is less than twelve weeks away, we will require Full Payment at the time of booking.

For all our Worldwide and USA trips a £250 deposit or Full Payment will secure a place on a trip. We will issue you with a booking confirmation.  We will send you an invoice for the outstanding balance. To retain your space on the tour this invoice needs to be paid in full no later than sixteen weeks prior to departure.

We will accept payments direct to our Bank Account.  We will also accept payments via an installment plan.  If you wish to pay using these methods then please contact us directly.

When you have paid the full balance of the the tour we will issue a receipt via e-mail.

A minimum of 14 days before departure we will issue a travel pack which will include the following details:-

  • Details of all euro tunnel/ferry crossings (including booking references)
  • Details of all hotels
  • Document requirements (Travel Insurance, driving license, passport and visa requirements)
  • Kit guide
  • Emergency telephone numbers.
  • Travel Itinerary including Sat Nav files where appropriate

2) Paying by Credit or Debit Card

We do accept Credit and Debit Card payments.  All deposits can be paid on-line, we can also take card payments over the telephone.  Deposit payments paid by card are not subject to any surcharge.

Balance payments can also be made by credit or debit card.  Balance payments paid by card are not subject to any surcharge.

3) Group Bookings and Reservations

We are happy to receive group bookings.  A group booking is defined as a booking of 3 or more people.  Reservations are made by the Group Lead Name (Group Leader) on behalf of all Group Guests, and all terms and conditions are accepted on behalf of the group guests by the Group Leader. All customers participating on a tour within any single booking reference will not be treated independently. The Group Leader remains the single point of contact on behalf of all guests at all times and is liable for all payments, guarantees and communications on behalf of the Group.

4) Is my Payment Safe?

In accordance with "The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018" payments made to British Bike Tours are held in trust to guard against insolvency.

5) Risk and Responsibility

Your participation in a trip is entirely at your own risk. We are NOT responsible or liable for any injuries you may suffer, fatal or otherwise. Also, we are NOT responsible for any loss or damage to your property, including your motorcycle, irrespective of how any damage may have been caused.  If you damage a motorcycle that we have provided, we reserve the right to charge you for replacement parts to damaged items.

7) Zero Tolerance Policy

We operate a "zero tolerance" policy in regards to violent and abusive conduct towards our staff, guides and customers.  A violent and aggressive incident is "any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted.  This can include verbal abuse or threats as well as physical attacks."

Violence can be physical, or non-physical including threats, abusive behaviour and language (verbal and written), escalating agitation and intimidating body language.

We encourage all staff, guides and customers to report violent and aggressive incidents, if they unfortunately occur, to the Director(s) of the company.  

The Director(s) will contact the customer(s) involved via e-mail and inform them that violent and aggressive conduct is not tolerated.  If the incident happens on  tour and depending on the severity of the incident the customer will be told to leave the tour.

8) Insurances

  • Motorcycle - It is your responsibility to have the correct Motorcycle (Vehicle) Insurance – please remember to inform your insurance company of your intent to travel in Europe.

  • Travel - It is your responsibility to organise Travel Insurance for yourself / passenger.

  • Medical - The minimum requirement for residents of the UK is a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). For our worldwide tours you require full medical and repatriation insurance which covers you whilst riding a motorcycle over 125cc. We are not responsible for paying any medical or repatriation costs that you may incur whilst on one of our holidays.
  • For non-European residents, please consult your travel insurance provider.

9) Cancellations

  • If a tour has to be cancelled due to Coronavirus travel restrictions and/or Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against travel to relevant countries we will offer a full refund of all monies paid.  The full refund will be made within 14 days of our notifying you of the cancellation.

  • If we cancel a tour due to circumstances outside our control such as insufficient participants on a tour, etc you will receive a full refund.  The minimum number of participants required for a tour is 8 motorcycles. The full refund will be made within 14 days of our notifying you of the cancellation.

  • If you cancel your trip, you will be entitled to a refund for each customer within the following time constraints.

Cancellation Refund Table

Days to Departure

Refund Percentage

Admin Fee




90  - 119



60 - 89



Less than 60

No refund


10) Tour Date Amendment Requests

Please make sure that you when you book a tour with us, you book the correct tour and date.  If you wish to change the date of your tour, we will try and facilitate this request subject to availability on the revised date.  However, there will be a £40 charge to cover our administration and restocking costs.  The £40 fee will be payable at time of transfer.

11) Detailed Changes

While we will do our very best to provide the services we describe, we also reserve the right to make changes to our advertised tours/prices/itineraries/tour schedules when considered appropriate. Such changes can include, but are not limited to; Accommodation problems, Industrial Action, Acts of God, Changes To Travel Resulting From UK Withdrawing from The European Union, etc.  Wherever possible you will be notified of any such changes in writing.

12) Eurotunnel Crossings and Ferry Crossings

We reserve the right to use alternative Ferry Channel crossings as and when required.  Our normal channel crossing will be via Euro-Tunnel but on occasions where there is lack of availability of crossings for Tour Operators we will use an alternative Ferry company.

13) Delays

We are not responsible for any delays to your journey, prior to you joining the trip at our departure point. It will be your responsibility to make and pay for any alternative arrangements for travel and accommodation.

14) Your Motorcycle and Relevant Vehicle Documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure that your motorcycle is in a roadworthy condition for the tour you are going to undertake.  Tyres and brake pads should be checked and they should have enough wear left to complete the tour and any onward journey you need to make. On all our  European tours it is mandatory that you have an appropriate level of European breakdown cover which will enable both you and your motorcycle to be repatriated.  It is not British Bike Tours responsibility to repatriate you in case of motorcycle breakdown or accident.

You must bring the appropriate documentation relating to your motorcycle with you. The local police do perform stop checks and you will be expected to provide the following documentation:

  • V5 Ownership document
  • Drivers license
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Passport

15) Your responsibility to yourself and other tour members.

You are expected to ride in a courteous manner, in respect of other road users, and especially the other members of the tour.  This is a group event and as such you, as a member of the group, have some responsibility towards other group members.  If you look after them they will look after you.  On our tours and in the true spirit of motorcycling there is no room for selfish actions.

We expect you to ride safely at all times, and it is your responsibility to be individually aware of the prevailing speed limits, road signs and rules of the road etc for the particular country you are travelling in.

16) The option of not riding in a Group

Our guides are always happy to guide whoever wants to be guided.  However, we appreciate that we are all different.  In each group there will always be a range of experience and abilities.  Also, we realse that customers wish to do different things whilst on tour.  Some in the group may not like riding in a group, may want longer or more frequent coffee stops, longer lunch breaks, want to get to hotel earlier or stop off and visit a point of interest.  There is no problem with any of this but as I am sure you can imagine it is often impossible for the Guide to meet all these competing needs should they occur on a tour.  The guide will always be guided by the majority wishes of the group.  As such if you wish to take a longer lunch break on one day, want to get to the hotel earlier, spend longer at a point of interest etc, then we ask that you let the guide know that you will be making your own way to hotel.  We have absolutely no problem with clients doing their own thing but would expect the client to communicate their intentions to the guide.  The guide may well have some useful tips on where to stay or what to see.