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Alpine High Roads Motorcycle Tour

All in all it has been a fantastic tour although some of the customers have found it more challenging than they expected.  For next season we will be going back to grading our tours - green, blue, red and black.  The alpine tour is definitely a black!!

On this tour you can be in the saddle on certain days for up to 9 hours. Some people are just not used to riding for this amount of time. However, the weather was very kind to us so we have made the most of this and taken every opportunity to ride as many mountain passes as possible. After all that is the main reason we are all here.

We start riding mountain roads from day 1.  Yes, we have found some hairpin bends in the Ardennes.  96 miles on the motorway and then its on to National road, quickly followed by smaller, twisty forest roads as we head through the heart of the Ardennes to our first nights destination in Bastogne.

The Ardennes - Alps Motorcycle Tour

Day 2

We are heading towards the Vosges mountains and the Routes des Cretes.  Excellent weather, perfect roads, a fair few coffee stops and a lovely stop over on the German side of Basel.  Just across the road from our 4 star hotel is a great Greek restaurant - super food al-fresco.

Day 3

We start the day with a wonderful German breakfast and then a lovely chilled out ride along the banks of the Rhine. Mid morning stop is at the mighty Rheinfall.  It is getting quite warm so ice-cream for everyone.

The rest of the day is spent crossing Switzerland on minor roads. There is no doubting that Switzerland is a beautiful country but I do have two gripes. The first is that it is so expensive and the second is the attitude of car drivers to motorcyclists. I find their driving style very aggressive. Also, like Germany it is illegal for bikes to filter - a daft law IMHO. Anyways, as we ride towards Austria, the Alps begin to loom in front of us, the roads become twistier. We cross over the border and fill up with fuel (considreally cheaper). As we climb higher and higher we arrive at our beautiful hotel high up in the mountains.  Definitely a room with a view tonight.

Day 4

Up early and and straight into the Austrian alps.  Our hotel is only a few miles away from the beautiful Silvestrepasse. A lot of the mountain pass roads are toll roads but they are well worth the small toll fee.  Beautiful road surface, stunning scenery and at this time of the morning, very quiet. Just perfect for some spirited motorcycling.


Evening meal at Greek restaurant in Basel

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  • Just completed the epic Alps Adventure Tour. This tour was not for the faint hearted but if you want to ride some of the very best twisty roads and mountain passes out there whilst taking in some awsome scenery and changing landscapes this is it. I have been doing motorbike tours around the World for 25 years and this was one of the best I have done. Thanks Peter keep up the great work. All the Best. Mark.

    Mark Liversidge

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