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What bike do you fancy in 2018?

I guess, like many others, I am now thinking about a new bike for 2018. 

Lorraine has her Ducati Monster and the mad Ducati Diavel, I still have the Suzuki V-Strom (affectionately known as the "Ladies Bike").  I got rid of the Kawasaki SX 1000 last year (great bike but never really got on with it for some reason).

I really fancy another Triumph.  I have always liked Triumphs and I do want to support a British Industry.  Out of the whole Triumph range, I really like the Street Triple RS.  It looks great, the finish and quality is right up there and bet it is a hoot to ride.  Unfortunately, it is probably not that practical for lots of touring.  The occasional one off trip, no problem, but regular touring, I don't know.  Would welcome peoples thoughts on this.

Triumph Tiger 800 xc

That then takes us to the new Triumph 800 XR and XC range.  Far more suited to touring especially in the XR guise.  It comes with a fair amount of kit and is under the £10,000 mark.  Not too sure about "cruise control" on a bike though. Must be getting old!!

Nothing else is really floating my boat.  The Suzuki range is pretty terrible with no new bikes.  I have been a Kawasaki man for past 7 years and I still think they make the best sportsbikes, I did love my ZX10r but I really didn't get on with the SX (it just seemed to take an age to turn especially on tight hairpins) - Lorraines Ducati Diavel which is quite a few kgs lighter handles alot better than the SX1000 imho.  I wouldn't mind trying a Multistrada especially the new 950cc one.  It does look very smart but it will mean having 4 twin cylinder bikes in the garage - all abit samey?? 

So that's it, I need a back to back test ride of the Triumph Tiger 800 and then the Ducati Multistrada 950.  I am sure you have all got your thoughts on this and many will think my choice of bike very strange.  Before anyone says anything, I am categorically not going down the BMW route - I know, they are great bikes but I just cannot bring myself to sit on one.  I'll stick with giving my hard earned cash to either the billionaire property developer, John Bloor, or the German automobile giant Volkswagen Audi Ducati.  Hobsons choice ??

Let me know what bike you are hankering after?




  • Hi Pete,
    I have had the pleasure of owning a triumph 800 tiger and went on a lovely tour with you to Croatia and back, never missed a beat, nimble, light, easy mannered and good on fuel. A tad tall for me being a full 29" inside leg, but manageable, also had the 1050 Tiger went to Morocco with you another good bike, also had the 1200 Tiger fast and furious but not as tall as the 800, two trips in Scotland on that one. I know its hard to go against the grain with BMW but I did it ! and am now on my 2nd GS 1200, hated it on my first ride, said no way would stick with my Triumph 1200 se trophy at the time, salesman insisted I come back for another go as it takes a bit of getting used too, went back had a GS for half a day, not so bad second time of riding, and I don’t know why but I bought one, BMW GS 1200 TE.
    I did a trip around the Vosges mountains, and then it came together. Harmony, handling, & torque, now on my 2nd BMW, the adventure version with a slick shift gear change. But if you are considering triumph of all the four I have commented on the 800 is the most fun, The Tiger 1200 most Raw, the 1050 Tiger just dose everything well, and the Trophy pure comfort with unbelievable handling for such a big bike, but the BMW although I hate to admit it, is quite simply sublime in its ride, posture, handling, comfort and performance though not blistering is far more than adequate and has more power than I will ever need.
    Have a look at the BMW Pete.
    go on I know you don’t think you do, but you do.

    Looking forward to another trip with you in the future.
    happy riding

    Paul Greenfield
  • There’re two other bikes I would suggest you try before you make a decision. they are both twin-cylinder but stunningly good at long distance serious touring…….

    I bought the new Aprilia Caponord for the mile-busting comfort and have been stunned at just how good it is, especially the electronic suspension. The other, and perhaps the only other bike that I would accept to be better then the Canponord, is the new KTM 1290 Adventure. Side-by-side test last june on a 4-day 4-country alpine tour that include 9 alpine passes (including the Stelvio and the Trimmelsjoch) showed just how good both bike are. In the tight hairpins the KTM had the edge.

    Good to see you’re back in organised touring and look forward to joining again.

    Tony Faulds.

    Tony Faulds

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