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I get asked this all the time "Pete, what is your favourite motorcycle tour?"  You would think its a really easy question to answer.  Actually, it isn't.  So many of the tours offer such different experiences.  

In terms of exhilirating riding on good roads it has to be our Alps tour.  From northern France to the mediterranean on the twistiest, highest roads in Europe - throw in a couple of nights by Lake Como and then the shores of the Med and you have a great riding experience.

In terms of adventure - it has to be the Himalayan Spiti Valley tour.  The highest roads in the world, sheer drops, changeable weather and road conditions, river and stream crossings and just the fact you are in magical India.  I always look forward to this tour and the challenges it throws up.


For a laid back tour in beautiful scenery, great hotels, fabulous people it has to be Southern India motorcycle tour.  Kerala "Gods own country" is just a delight.  Unspoilt, beautiful, natural.  This coupled with the great roads through the Tea Plantations and up to the hill stations of Ooty, Munnar and Kodai.  Just a wonderful experience.

Then of course, there is the wonderful Nepal trip. More than just a motorbike tour - on this trip you get to ride a bike, go on a safari in Chitwan, go white water rafting at 'Borderlands Resort', para-gliding at Pokhara.  So much to cram in.

These are just the big tours.  Sometimes a weekend blast to the Black Forest  is just the ticket.  Alternatively abit of riding and sight seeing in Normandy and Loire Valley  to see the Normandy landing beaches and famous chateau is spot on.

I like them all and all for different reasons.  I guess it comes down to the clients as to which are my favourite tours.  If everyone gels, a good team spirit is formed , everyone looks after each other and there is a good bit of banter and laughing then all the tours are really fantastic.  I have made life long friends from motorcycle touring so know that it can be a life changing and enhancing experience.  So that is my answer, I love em all.  I haven't even mentioned Morocco, Balkans, Laos - don't worry these will all be on our 2019 programme.

Ask me again at the end of 2018 which has been my favourite tour for this year, in the meantime, let me know which are your favourite tours and also which tours you would like to see us do.  I fancy Peru 2020 and Lorraine has already given the go ahead for this - excited - you bet.

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